Marie Christine Le Bourdais

Director of programs and services

Société Alzheimer de Montréal - Alzheimer Society of Montreal

Marie Christine has next to 20 years of experience working with seniors, including more than a decade with a clientele living with neurocognitive disorders, caregivers and professionals in health and social services networks. She graduated in gerontology and now focuses on the issues related to aging from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining social work, psychology, and biology. This perspective gives her a global vision of the needs of the clientele she supports and offers a wide variety of solutions and innovations. Since she arrived in 2016 at the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, she has been a trainer, conference speaker and coordinator of clinical services. As a director, she now ensures that the needs of communities are aligned with the provided service. From her rich and varied experiences in hospitals, CHSLDs, CLSCs, day centres and community organizations, Marie Christine now supports a team of 40 people in operationalizing ongoing projects based on a person-centred approach.