What connects us - Ce qui nous lie 


“Ce Qui Nous Lie — What Connects Us” is a collaborative partnership of healthcare, public, arts/culture, community-based and academic organizations with the vision to create an interconnected community for all. Our mission is to bridge the difference through what connects us.

Our initial objective was to expand ongoing arts-related activities for persons living with neurocognitive challenges and carers to decrease stigma at the intersection of neurocognitive challenges, aging and mental health. Funded in March of 2020, the context of COVID-19 negatively impacted plans while also creating opportunities to understand what really matters. In this workshop, we will show a brief film about our process with the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal and the efforts of partner organizations to move activities on-line to stay connected and begin an open conversation on productive disruptions, imagination, and ripple effects.



Marie Christine Le Bourdais

Société Alzheimer de Montréal - Alzheimer Society of Montreal
Director of programs and services

Melissa Park

McGill University
Associate professor